Shooting Fatima

We’ve been shooting Naima Mohamud’s children’s short film Fatima for one week now. The production is almost half way through, and I’m already pleased to say it’s been a great pleasure to be onboard. Our talented cast and especially our two young leading actresses have made a huge impact on me: It’s just pure joy to be around when something magical happens. At those moments I couldn’t think any better job than being a cinematographer. Also the whole visual style of the movie gives me good vibes: vibrant colors and fantasy elements gives me an opportunity to use my tools a bit more freely than in normal every day drama. I also have my regular crew with me: Gaffer Kalle Penttilä and 1st AC Teemu Koivisto. Couldn’t ask for more!

Please check out (and like!) Fatima’s Facebook page for some behind the scenes stills and news!


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