Music video shoot

It’s been a while since I’ve shot music videos, but when I got an inquiry if I was interested to shoot two days cinematic scenes for director Antti Vuori, I was very happy to join in. The big plus was a reasonable budgeting that allowed me to have an excellent crew (Gaffer Aki Karppinen, 1st AC Teemu Koivisto) with me and tools that were needed to accomplish the shared vision. And judging the material of the first day, I think we got some really nice, contrasty shots. In my lighting, I relied to three 12kW dinos gelled with a full straw and a locations (below is one of them) filled with a smoke. Works like a charm, at least to me. And in my opinion, RED One MX, that I shot the video with, is still an excellent choice, at least over the Scarlet.


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