Delicious food commercials

This year I’ve travelled a lot to shoot food and groceries. Since February I’ve had three fabulous commercial productions that took me to Australia, Uruguay and Hong Kong. In February I shot a food commercial in Australia for Finnish K-Supermarket directed by Juuso Syrjä and produced by Hasan Motion. We toured Sydney and areas around it for two weeks to grill meat, fish and vegetables. Delicious food shots in the style of polished documentary. It was such a great trip! In March I visited Uruguay to shoot five films for food market Lidl with director Teemu Niukkanen and production company Director’s Guild. This time, we focused more on the comic storyline of the commercial series, but made sure to cut in to delicious food shots as well. In April I shot a commercial in Hong Kong with director Otso Tiainen and Director’s Guild for a meat producer HKScan. That trip took me to film in a Michelin star restaurant and capture one the best known skylines in the world. What was the connection between these commercials was not only the food, but super nice teams behind them – directors, producers, agencies and clients.

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