Welcome to Texas (Aallonmurtaja)

TV-series “Aallonmurtaja” (“Welcome to Texas”), directed by Mika Kurvinen and produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland (in collaboration with ZDF Enterprises) has been released via C More Finland. The first season has 10 episodes (42 min each) and it’ll run also on national channel MTV3 in Finland next year. Aallonmurtaja is a crime drama that tells a story of criminals and their everyday family life. The story is set in a small Finnish town on a shore of the Baltic Sea, close to a Russian border. This sets a unique tone for the story that soon starts to get much darker tones as bigger plot patterns starts to shape.

I had a privilige to work on this production from the first steps of story developing to the last steps in post-production. During five years, it truly was a real collaboration between the key members of the team. Aallonmurtaja is written by Miira Karhula and Mika Kurvinen. Produced by Essi Tuukkanen, Seija-Liisa Eskola (executive producer) and Antti Väisänen (executive producer).

Watch Aallonmurtaja via C More Finland (first month is for free). Aallonmurtaja at IMDb.

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