Vuokko Hovatta: Suvivirsi

When I was asked to shoot a music video for Suvivirsi, an old Scandinavian chant, I was intrigued of the plan to shoot a cinematic story with a taste of nostalgy. A new musical arrangement of Suvivirsi was done by Antti Vuori, who was also about to direct the video with Vuokko Hovatta performing. After a short conversation with Antti, I wanted to be onboard. It’s quite seldom in Finland that you have a possibility to get a decent budget for a music video and it’s more or less volunteer work for everybody. In the long run it’s not right for anyone working in the business, and it doesn’t help things to evolve either. In this case, budget allowed us to concentrate on the story, and get a small crew with a good equipment to do the job. To capture the video, I relied on RED One MX with Zeiss High Speed lenses, smoke and in few locations on 12kW Dino lights. Check out the short making of -video as well:

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