Project Gala

I had an interesting opportunity to make an experimental film that was partly shot using old school tricks like matte painting and rear projection. The idea behind the artwork was to try out these once so common filming techniques and see how they were done. The original idea was to shoot the project on 35mm film but after the test shoot we chose to expose on a digital chip. We had sync problems with our rear projection and we didn’t want to take any risks with flickering frames so I chose to shoot with Arri Alexa.

Other artistists in the production were production designer Tuuli Gröhn and costume designer Venla Korvenmaa. It was enjoyable to brainstorm together and think what we would like to try out and how to achieve our goals. We still have one location day waiting for us in the near future, but I can already tell that this was one of the most interesting and challenging productions in a long time. When you can’t use today’s common tools, like green screen, it really takes some time to re-think your procedures!

gala gala2 gala3


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