Long time no see

Long time no see, huh? It’s been a while since I’ve shared any news, but I can guarantee that I’ve been busy on filming and trying to get my studies finished. It’s taken too many years for me to make it through with the studies, so I decided last summer that I’ll finish my BA diploma before Christmas. And yes, I finally made it happen and wrote my diploma work. What a relief. I should still write my MA exam to get it all done, so there’s still some work to do. But for now on, I’ll take some time to focus on working because there is one interesting project coming next spring. I’m afraid that I can’t reveal it at this point, but I’ll surely share some news after it’s official.

This commercial here is one of the most important projects that I’ve been involved to. Women’s Line is a national, toll-free helpline for all women and girls who have experienced violence or threat of violence, and their friends and relatives.

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