It’s a wrap!

We shot the last scene on Saturday evening and wrapped the production. Past nine days that we spent in the Fatima’s set were amazing in many ways. Working with Naima and the rest of the crew was fun and stimulating. I got a chance to shoot in colorful sets and mix lighting styles in many inventive ways and also use special lenses like Lens Baby in certain dreamlike scenes. These creative freedoms that I took were of course approved by Naima but also our producer Markku Tuurna, whom support throughout the production I greatly appreciate. My thanks go aswell for my gaffer Kalle Penttilä, electrician Janne Jääskeläinen, 1st AC Teemu Koivisto, 2nd AC Hannu Koivuranta and grip Olli Kukkonen. Thanks guys for your vision and support!

Now it’s time to move along and wait for the editor’s first vision. Meanwhile there are some very interesting new projects waiting me around the corner!



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