Fiction and commercials

Last week I was working on the set of an upcoming tv series called Jari & Kari with director Petteri Summanen. We spent the week in the studio dollying around, and we continue our quest in June with exterior scenes. It was a pleasure to work for the first time with Petteri, as well as with my regular crew – gaffer Kalle Penttilä and 1st AC Teemu Koivisto – and also a good opportunity to raise my skills with a Mini Worral geared head. I shot the show with an Alexa Plus with an Optimo 24-290 zoom, and fell in love with the geared head.

Today I jumped off from the fiction series to collaborate with director Finn Andersson on a commercial shoot, only two weeks after we wrapped our latest collaboration in a commercial shoot for Sonera. It was an inspiring day today, as we went along with only one continuous shot in the studio – something that always keeps your mind fresh. My special thanks goes for my grip Kosti Lehikoinen and 1st AC Nea Salminen who really pushed it through.

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