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Now when it’s time for a short summer break, it’s a good time to look back of the last six months. This year has been a great ride so far, and I’ve had a pleasure to work with so many talented people in the industry. And beside that, I’ve had an opportunity to see a bit of the world as well. January I shot a commercial for Nokia in Bangkok, in March I was shooting commercial series for Unibet in New York and Miami, and in between and after I visited to Latvia and Estonia to shoot some hamburgers for Hesburger and candy bags for Haribo. And at the same time, two interesting feature film projects that I’ve been involved into, are in good hands. So, fingers crossed!

For the closure, have a look of this Unibet commercial. This one is from Miami, with Heat. And, please go and check out my Instagram profile too. I’ll try to be active on that one as well. http://instagram.com/mattieerikainen

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