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Love & Anarchy Trailer: The Proposal

This is something special. I shot a trailer promo for Love & Anarchy – The 28th Helsinki International Film Festival. Directed by Anssi Määttä, written by Antti Tuominen and produced by Iida Seppä from Woodpecker Film, this little trailer let us play with superhero imagery (which was cool). Shot with an Arri Alexa XT with LOMO anamorphic lenses.

Shooting a drama series “Roba”

This spring has kept me busy as I’ve been shooting the third season of “Roba”, a drama series that follows the lives of Helsinki based police officers. Mixing drama and action, the first season won the Venla prize (Finnish equivalent with the Golden Globe) for the best drama series of the year. Third season is directed by Aleksi Mäkelä, and it’s been more than a pleasure to work alongside the man, who’s best known of his Finnish box office hit fims “Häjyt” and “Vares” among many others. The series is produced by Marko Talli / Yellow Film & TV and it will premiere next year with ten new 45 min episodes on MTV3.

Huulilla (On Your Lips)

I have some good news, as I’m happy to offer a chance to watch one scene from a short film titled Huulilla (On Your Lips) that I shot for director Joonas Rutanen. Since its release in 2013, it has been circulating on many well-known film festivals, from Vancouver to Oberhausen. It was also awarded as the best short film of the year at the annual Finnish Jussi Gala (Finnish equivalent to the Academy Awards) that was held in February 2014. Needles to say, I’m very proud of this film.


Hey this is great news. You may now watch the moody short film titled “Varhaug” that I had a pleasure to shoot two years ago in Norway. The film is directed by Robert J.T. Vawter.

“In the small Norwegian village, Varhaug, a man called Egil is the laughing stock of the town, the crazy outcast, the village idiot. A grave digger at the local church, he claims the dead speak to him, and spends his time fulfilling the last wishes and undone duties of the deceased.”