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Welcome to Texas (Aallonmurtaja)

TV-series “Aallonmurtaja” (“Welcome to Texas”), directed by Mika Kurvinen and produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland (in collaboration with ZDF Enterprises) has been released via C More Finland. The first season has 10 episodes (42 min each) and it’ll run also on national channel MTV3 in Finland next year. Aallonmurtaja is a crime drama that tells a story of criminals and their everyday family life. The story is set in a small Finnish town on a shore of the Baltic Sea, close to a Russian border. This sets a unique tone for the story that soon starts to get much darker tones as bigger plot patterns starts to shape.

I had a privilige to work on this production from the first steps of story developing to the last steps in post-production. During five years, it truly was a real collaboration between the key members of the team. Aallonmurtaja is written by Miira Karhula and Mika Kurvinen. Produced by Essi Tuukkanen, Seija-Liisa Eskola (executive producer) and Antti Väisänen (executive producer).

Watch Aallonmurtaja via C More Finland (first month is for free). Aallonmurtaja at IMDb.

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It’s a wrap – and Fucking Bunnies at Sundance

It’s been a while since I’ve shared news. But there’s a good reason for that. I recently finished shooting drama tv series called “Aallonmurtaja” for Warner Bros. International Television Production. The story is mixture of crime and drama, not typical cop series at all. I’m incredible proud of the work we did with director Mika Kurvinen and cast and crew during the 60-day shoot. Aallonmurtaja premieres next autumn.

One of the highlights of 2017 so far was the premiere of our short film “Fucking Bunnies” at the Sundance Film Festival. This year almost 9000 films were submitted, but less than 1% accepted. This was great. Our director Teemu Niukkanen together with a writer Antti Toivonen and producers Tero Tamminen and Daniel Kuitunen attended festival. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it as I was shooting at the time in Serbia. After the Sundance, the film has been selected to a multiple A-list film festivals. Happy to share these news!


Pahan kukat (Flowers of Evil) in cinemas!

Pahan kukat (dir. Antti J. Jokinen) opened two weeks ago in Finnish cinemas. Premiere night was as fantastic as I was hoped for. Dear cast and crew, friends and lot of new acquaintances. This marked for me the first feature film, so I guess it’s natural to be a bit enthusiastic. Here on my right in the photo below is film’s sound recrodist Olger Bernadt. Photo by Oskari Sarjakoski.