Camerimage 2013 among others

It’s been a while since I’ve had a time to write here, but there’s been a lot of going on. First of all (and for the most important reasons), I attended to a Camerimage film festival in Poland few weeks back for the 5th time, and like before, it was a blast. I saw great movies and had good chats with fellow filmmakers and cinematographers.

One of the festival’s highlights was a screening of Top Gun 3D (!) followed by Q&A with cinematographer Jeffrey Kimball and stereographer Barry Sandrew. Gravity was also a mind blowing! Chat with Michael Seresin who took the control after Lubezki had to leave the set, was amazing and gave some interesting insights about the shoot. I also enjoyed the main competition films, especially Concrete Night and Heli which won the Silver Frog. From the documentary competition, I loved the film Blood Brother.

Last week after the festival, I shot two commercials with director Teemu Niukkanen, and I’m truly looking forward to see both of them. Films were produced by Ville Salminen from Also Starring. I had a chance to shoot the films with anamorphic Lomo lenses, so for that reason too, I’m a bit excited to get into the grade.

Today I’m finishing the grade for the short film “Breaking the Cycle” that we shot with director Naima Mohamud in Romania in October. The grade is carried out by colorist Marko Terävä in Post Control.

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