It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog entry. I guess working hard has kept me busy! Last fall I DP’d the second season of Netflix Original called Bordertown. Bordertown is a nordic noir detective story that sets its story to a small Finnish town close to a Russian border. It was a fantastic experience, really demanding and highly educational! Me and my team were working simultanously with two directors Juuso Syrja and Jyri Kahonen. I was sharing the season with two great DP’s, HP Vitikainen and Mikael Gustafsson. My role was to oversee the whole look of the series as a “chief DP” and shoot ten episodes as a team effort. Shooting the series like this was an highly interesting experience for me as I haven’t shared the duties of DP with anyone in my past tv productions (this marked my 4th tv series) so I think it gave me a lot of new tools for the future productions. Please, check the trailer:

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