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Matti Eerikainen is a distinguished Finnish cinematographer renowned for his keen understanding of visual storytelling. His collaboration extends to award-winning film and commercial directors worldwide. Eerikainen’s visual style is marked by a sophisticated blend of moody lighting and dynamic color use, as well as by his ability to skillfully employ minimalism when the narrative calls for it. Recognized for his collaborative and story-oriented approach, he closely engages with directors and actors on set, bringing stories and characters to life through his camera work.

In his most recent feature films, Eerikainen has worked across a diverse array of genres. Notably, he served as the director of photography for Renny Harlin’s 2024 action thriller “THE BRICKLAYER”, which stars Aaron Eckhart, Nina Dobrev, Tim Blake Nelson, and Clifton Collins Jr. Additionally, Eerikainen was behind the lens for Harlin’s psychological horror drama “REFUGE”, featuring Jason Flemyng and Raza Jaffrey, released in 2024. His latest feature, a home invasion thriller “THE MISDIRECTION”, directed by Kevin Lewis and starring Olga Kurylenko, Frank Grillo and Oliver Trevena, is set for a late 2024 release.

Eerikainen’s narrative contributions also include collaborations on works like Max Seeck’s and Joonas Pajunen’s psychological horror drama ”THE KNOCKING” (2023) and Antti J. Jokinen’s youth drama ”FLOWERS OF EVIL” (2016) as well as Harlin’s buddy comedy “CLASS REUNION” (2021). Furthermore, he has served as the DP for two seasons of the Nordic Noir series ”BORDERTOWN” on Netflix, earning praise from notable filmmakers, including Stephen King.

In addition to narratives, Eerikainen has shot commercials, awarded short films and music videos, collaborating with directors worldwide. Currently, he is in his third term as the President of the Finnish Society of Cinematographers, FSC.

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