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I’m a Finnish cinematographer living in Helsinki, Finland. But I love to travel and work abroad. I’ve captured frames in various European countries like Germany, Latvia, Romania, Spain and Norway, as well as in Thailand and USA.

Since setting out as a full-time cinematographer somewhat four-five years ago, I’ve shot over hundred commercials and awarded short films and music videos for talented directors here in Finland as well as abroad.

In 2015 I shot the third season of award-winning drama series “Roba” with director Aleksi Mäkelä and achieved one of my dreams as I shot my first feature film titled “Pahan kukat” (Flowers of Evil) with director Antti J. Jokinen (The Resident, The Midwife). Flowers of Evil won the prestige “best director” award at the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival.

I’ve had a quite ordinary career development in the business: I started carrying cables in lifestyle TV productions about ten years ago, then I leaped into TV dramas and feature films making my way to a focus puller and then a camera operator. At the same time I studied and achieved BA in cinematography. I wanted to learn more, so I continued my cinematography studies at Aalto University, where I’m now finishing my MA diploma.

I find it satisfying when I’m able to run on a large-scale: commercials, music videos and films – both fiction and documentaries. It’s all about the story and the people that makes it interesting.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me!

+358 40 846 5508

Estonia: www.munchhausen.ee/matti-eerikainen
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